Sunday, June 26, 2011

A crazy idea...

So have you ever had an idea that sprang into your head and wouldn't let you rest till you made it real?  I was having another bout of insomnia with crafters block thrown in for good measure when out of the blue it hit me.  An explosion box! I haven't made one in a while... Once again I was browsing the blog over at Little Plastic Man and he was talking about how these people were selling one of the templates he made and is giving away for free.  I clicked on the template and the light bulb appeared!

So what is in this innocent white box;


After printing the template and putting the birds and pigs together I dug through my scrap folder and made hills and sky, and made "wood" blocks from heavy card stock scraps.

I made a small box for the "golden egg" to sit upon.  Its a egg shaped piece of gum my son got for Easter.

I used acetate strips cut from left over packaging to suspend the birds and faced them all in, as they are trying to get the pigs. One poor little blue bird has already missed the king pig and lies on his side waiting for his friends.

Once my husband saw it he immediately asked for birds for his desk.  LOL  I was making this just for the sake of making it to get it out of my head so I unmounted it from the box and remounted it onto the box top so he can easily place it upon his desk at work.

I added strips of the same green paper to the sides to finish off the look of a grassy hill.  I am sure he is going to get questions about it at work tomorrow as the birds bounce with the slightest breeze.
If you want to make your own birds go on over to Little Plastic Man and get one of his awesome templates...They are FREE!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day

I have been busy playing and planning our summer as this is the first full week of vacation for us.  With Father's Day coming up I decided to make something for my hubbies work desk.  He happens to be a computer geek as well as he loves comics.  When I saw this post over at Little Plastic Man I knew that I had to make them! (You should really check out some of his paper models he has one of Angry Birds that are looking like awesome treat boxes for my son's birthday which will be Angry Bird themed. )  Any way as I know my sweet husband never looks at my blog :) I thought to post his present here :)

 I also have a card made somewhere... Just gotta find it...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Haven't had time to craft for myself the last few weeks.  I just made 2 scrapbooks for my Boo's school.  The first was 86 pages long!  I worked with each child in pre K, first and second grades to make their own pages and then did groups pages for the babies.   I also made a blank album  for the teachers to complete and give to one of their colleague's that is leaving the school after 11 years. I am sooooooooooooooo pooped!  I also helps create all the props for the schools graduation production. The last day of schools tomorrow and then we are free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL hoping to get some crafting time next week no idea what but hoping inspiration will strike soon