Monday, September 27, 2010

Cards I made last week

When I craft I take inspiration from various places, blogs, message boards, magazines, even art.  Some times inspiration hits like a brick, other times it's what the heck do I do now that I have messed this up???? This card is by far one of my favorites that I have done and it was so by accident!  I got some glue where it shouldnt have been and thensmeared it with ink I some how got on my fingers and had to find some whay to salvage all the work I had put into the stiching. So I cut out the butterfly inked the edges to cover the glue smear I had left and mounted it on scraps that matched the thread.  A little hello stamp and ta da!

I have had this bear colored for awhile and not known what to do with her so I spent way too much time forcing this card to come togeather but I am happy with the results! Hand colored with pencils and sparkle gell pens. The scalloped circle is made using my corner rounder on a plain circle.
A little Anya Aloha any one? :) I tore the edges of of some flowery pink paper and roughed them up with my distress tool.  Anya is colored with pencils. Aloha is stamped with mini letter stamps I found in the dollar bin at Target and outlined with a pen and ruler.

I love, love, love origami this tree is one of my favorite patterns for cards.  It's super simple too!
Thats all for now more to post time permitting then theres 2 challenges I want to do this week....

P.S. Sorry for any spelling errors, can't spell my way out of a paper bag and my spell check isn't working...

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