Friday, February 14, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Invitations

     Sometimes Mother Nature is laughing at us.   I feel for all my friends and family up north as I believe anything under 70 F is freezing. I think snow is really pretty... to see on TV. Here in Florida she cant make up her mind on sunny 70's or 40's and 50's with rain. Despite my best plans I am sure she was laughing at me with the Valentine's I made for Gremlin.  I will tell you about that next Monday, now on to Turtles.

  As I said Gremlin did not like any of the invites we looked at in various stores. There for I got to improvise.  I took a free shape of the week from the Silhouette Store The Boo Pop Up Card.

I started with a green outer card adding thought bubbles in colors from the turtles masks.  
Each has the TMNT catchphrase past and present.

I wanted the outside to be fairly plain as the inside was the real show stopper.
I created a checkerboard pattern frame in photo shop and used the Print and Cut function on my Cameo to print then cut out the bases. Taking a free vector art picture of the TMNT eating pizza I also printed and cut them out for the pop up. I added a thought bubble and Ta-Da!

  Gremlin loved them and had complete input on the design.  I would have used a different picture but he loved that they were eating pizza, and as we had a pizza party... I caught his drift.
Something I did different this year from past parties, was to put a handwritten note in each invite for the parents. Through various circumstances my Gremlin has 7 grandparents, we don't differentiate between step or otherwise. They all have names he calls them unique to each so he knows who we are talking about. Anyway with that said we didn't feel that he needed any more than what his doting grandparents and ourselves were giving him. Also Gremlin only wanted his friends to come play he didn't care about presents.   So I asked that they just bring themselves in play clothes as we were having a "Ninja Academy" and too come and have fun.  
Well that is all for today, hopefully on Monday I can get my first Pinterest post up because it was 2 separate things I found on Pinterest and combined :)

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