Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monster Jam Birthday

So my Baby Boo is in LOVE with Monster Jam and all things monster truck or Cars related.  He is so all boy!  I thought it was a phase like Thomas and trains... Nope he has been into trucks and cars for going on 2 years now I think it might stick.  When asked what he kind of birthday he wanted he promptly replied Monster Jam!  That left me scrambling to figure out what to do.  Well several brainstorming and Internet sessions later and I have a plan!  I made the invites first in my digital scrapbook program, using pictures I took at this January's Monster Jam.  I also found a cool bar code font at  DaFont .

I blacked out his name...privacy issues you know the drill.
I made sleeves for them as well by taking one of his trucks and inking up the tire and driving over the paper. The bands were made with coloring pages from the MJ website scaled down to the size I needed and colored with pencils and glitter pens.

I matched the truck on the outside to the picture of the truck on the pit pass.  there were 2 more that were Monster Mutt and Monster Mutt dalmatian but I had already given them out before I thought to take pictures. 
As we were giving these out Boo asked if he was getting a pit pass since all his friends were...DOH! I hadn't even thought of it LOL Bad Mommy! So I went back to my computer and made him a "driver" pass...It's HIS birthday after all :)

once again blacked out his name...
  All the passes have hooks and cords so the kids can wear them the info on time and place is printed on the reverse.  I laminated them with standard heat laminating pouches and a craft iron.  He loves them and so do his friends.  Boo has been wearing his pass everywhere that I will let him :)
More birthday madness later.

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