Monday, October 25, 2010

Monster Trucks...

Finally they are done... well as long as my OCD doesn't kick in. LOL   So my baby Boo is an avid Monster Jam fan and wanted that as his birthday theme.  I cant do anything half way :) so I made monster trucks for the kids to wear and have truck races in the back yard.  My plan is to give them all paint markers and stickers and let them decorate their own truck and then race them Tee Hee should be uber cute.
I started with boxes from work painted black or white and cut out a truck profile.

Boo had to try them out for me.
  Then I cut down my left over pizza boxes from Club Scrap as the hood and wind shield.
I used styrofoam from work (Thanks Robyn!) Cut in circles and covered with cut up trash bags as tires, and printed out wheel hubs off my computer.  Whoa - La  Monster Truck!
I will be using this really cute doubled up duct tape I found that has flames on it as straps  over the kids shoulders to keep the boxes on as they race.
So that's what I have been doing for the last week or so, now just battling the dust bunnies before the party....


  1. What a cool project......and now - you're definitely the "Best Mom".......