Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angry Bird Madness: Day 3 Zombie Birds!

Crazy week lost track of posting. 
Any how as I tried to think of designs for treat bags I kept drawing a blank.  I kind of liked the idea of using these bird faces on bags from the dollar store. But as I don't really need that many paper bags running around my dear hubby suggested more paper mache. That led to these...

These little birds started off like the pinata but with some further research and trial and error I used forms to make the features.

Amazing what you can use leftover plastic eggs for...
Red Bird

White Bird
I hot glued the eggs to the basic forms then covered with white craft paper for my paint base.
from left Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, and White
I used acrylic poster paint with black sharpie marker for outlines.  I cut a hole on the back of each and sprayed the insides and outsides of each with sealant. I made feathers and tails out of cardboard sandwiched between construction paper.  Eyebrows are construction paper adhered to plastic and suspended in place with plastic strips.

 After finishing the initial birds I did a final count on invites and found I needed more birds so I added a pig and The Mighty Eagle for my Boo.  I plan on adding a bit of hemp cord to each as a handle.
These guys were so much fun to make! I hope the kids have as much fun with them as I have.

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