Friday, October 21, 2011

Yet more Angry Bird Madness...

Still finishing up prep for the party now just a week away!  I made straw decorations by cutting scalloped circles with my Nestabilites and Big Shot with  a little mod podge to seal them
I also made food pics with stickers I found at Wallyworld.  I plan on using some as sails for boats made of  Baybell cheese. Got the idea from this post.

When I started thinking about the cake for the party I found many ideas on the Internet but was not really excited about the prospect of doing it myself.  A trip to the local store bakery and in between the price and the blank look on the ladies face when I handed her the pictures of what I wanted... *SIGH* Last year I didn't pay attention to that look thinking that if I gave them pictures that they wouldn't have any issues... I was wrong had to re-decorate the cake an hour before the party.  As this year we have a tight deadline to get ready for the party in the morning I am electing to do the cake  myself...  To that end I found this cake and chose it as my inspiration. Problem... I have NEVER done anything with fondant!  As the pigs and birds are very basic shapes I plunged in by trying to make the figures in Play-doh first. I wont show you my attempts it wasn't pretty. I finally broke down and bought some colored fondant and a box of white as well.
 Keep in mind I have never done this before ...
I had many issues with that crown... but I am not changing it...OK so I added candy to look like jewels...
Any way I think the pigs turned out pretty well but the birds...

                                                               I LOVE these birds!!!!! 
They were fussy, annoying, frustrating,
But oh so fun to make!
I plan on making a nest and T.N.T. crate from tootsie rolls as well .
OK I think that's all for now I will post pics of the finished cake and party in a week or so...

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