Friday, April 27, 2012

Pinterest is eating my life!

     I had every intention of posting at least weekly.  Then my friend (enabler) Kris introduced me to Pinterest...  She calls it digital hoarding, I tend to agree. So many pretty things, it's been eating loads of my free time. I have however bee able to get some crafting done YAY!
I have recently taken up quilling.  I love fussy intricate work so this has been right up my alley.  The only problem is that I have a little boy who has no use for anything frilly or girly.  So I made these 2 projects for a friend of mines little girls.
My inspiration came from these wonderful letters I found on Pinterest.  I made one for each girl with her first initial and plan on framing them to hang in their room.  I used Cream, pale pink, and neon pink for the A.  The E has the same colors with the addition of dark purple.
Sorry about the picture quality I had trouble keeping my shadow out of it.
I have more projects to post over the coming days .  I made a foray into ATC's that I think came out great. Also several cards and mini scenes on tickets to share as well.

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