Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday

Sometimes in your life a person touches you and you are changed forever.  One such person in my life was Mrs Moshier.  I grew up in a military family often far away from family and grandparents. Sometimes it can get really lonely.  When we moved to  Texas we met the Moshier family who instantly and firmly welcomed myself and my family into theirs.  I remember some of my best memories of childhood in their backyard, often playing right alongside their "real" grandchildren. Mrs Moshier introduced me to one of my true loves; baking.  I remember gathering pecans from the trees in her backyard for pies, eating as many as we collected. She helped teach me manners, and never once laughed about me spending a whole summer in a tree with a book. Though we moved many times our families always kept in touch.  This week Mrs Moshier is turning 90 and I just couldn't make her a card I wanted to make her something as special as she is. So in my searches to find the perfect thing I came across the link toThe Magic Boxes website.  I have made these before for gift card holders using this tutorial from Debbie.  This time I altered the box so the sides were 4 inches square and used left over plastic from laminating my sons birthday invites.  I have found various tutorials for making roses on the web but my favorite is this one by Helen.  I have altered it a little by using 3 different size punches but still use this basic technique.
With out further ado on to the box....
Pink paper is Club Scrap that I embossed with my BigShot. The butterflies are cut from K & Co paper that covers the top and insides of the box.  The bow attaches to a tag that is tucked under the top of the box.

I cut around the wings of the butterfly and elevated them to give some dimension and made cream colored roses as an accent throughout.

When you open the box roses and butterflies spring to life.
Another View

With the top and the tag removed

Happy 90th Birthday Mrs Moshier!
Love you lot's


  1. WOW that came out beautifully! So glad you went with that coral-pink! It is perfect!

  2. Colleen, That is SO beautiful. She's going to treasure it. I'm impressed because I can barely keep up with email with my two kids.
    We'll make sure that your blog note is attached.

  3. Hi Crickitt this box is amazing, so beautiful and so creative. Thanks for sharing!